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The hackNY webring is a directory of personal websites for alumNY of the fellowship program.

alumNY websites

Vinay Bhaip ('21)
Kevin Yeh ('15)
My personal footnotes on the internet and all the words, sounds, videos, and sentiments I want to remember for a rainy day.
Steve Gattuso ('13)
My blog and personal wiki. Step right up for thoughts on programming, vegan cooking, urbanism, and whatever else pops into my mind.
Ray Berger ('18)
Chris Hranj ('16)
A personal blog mostly about programming, sometimes about tattoos or music.
Moody Rahman ('22)
A quirky blog about what's making moody's head hurt: boxing, destiny 2, and programming
Matt Espinoza ('23)
Jacob Aronoff ('17)
Food blog where I talk about all the things I cook and eat. Tech blog with some random content at https://jaronoff.com/
Shy Ruparel ('14)
Kevin Liao ('18)
Personal blog. Rarely updated. Want it to be a space for thoughts on urbanism, Taiwan, language learning, and progressive Christian theology.